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Peng Jiaxue, Secretary of the Shaoxing Municipal Committee of CPC, investigated and investigated our company

  The afternoon of November 30, 2016, the Shaoxing municipal Party committee secretary Peng Jiaxue in Shangyu deputy secretary, acting mayor Zhang Zhuangxiong, vice mayor Wang Yongbiao accompanied by my company research, listen to the views of enterprises, in-depth understanding of the industrial transformation and upgrading and the development of enterprises.
  Chairman Yang Yanrong introduced the Chunhui enterprise development in 50 years to the Secretary Peng Jiaxue. He said, from a humble Chunhui agricultural machinery factory developed into a certain scale of the company and the national high-tech enterprises, in the difficult course of the whole heart with groundless talk, professional win, by adhering to overcome difficulties one after another, based on a low-key life, practical work achievements, create brilliant with condensation people go out to have the characteristics of the times, the legendary road Chunhui characteristics, which lays a solid foundation for everlasting.
  Peng Jie for my company founded 50 years ago, in the automotive key components, refrigeration, automatic control components, new materials and other substantial economic development made full affirmation, my company firmly adhere to the industry expressed appreciation. He pointed out that the real economy is the cornerstone of the entire national economy, the real economy is strong, enterprises will be long, regional development is sustainable. The vast number of enterprises to maintain concentration, adhere to industry, strengthen the main industry, and strive to build a hundred years of business.
  He stressed that the real economy is the root of enterprise development, innovation is the soul of enterprise development, the enterprise must grasp the historical position, seize the development opportunities, vigorously promote entrepreneurship, on the development of industry, innovation and stronger the main industry, Li Yong forefront of the market economy, to become the industry benchmark, constantly strengthening their own at the same time the economic and social development and make greater contributions.