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Chunhui intelligent control company to open up a new field of integrated innovation to occupy the domestic market share of the first water module

  Integrated intelligent control module of waterway Chunhui company is the key parts of wall mounted gas boiler, the slowdown in the industry's environment, the rapid increase in sales year after year, 60 million mark a breakthrough last year. What is the reason for this product contrarian growth?
  With the heating water Chunhui products become more sophisticated, the terminal market awareness of the extent of the boiler products increasing, innovation has become the main starting point to enhance the competitiveness of products. The company's research team, in product structure, process and material innovation as the starting point, taking the water system as the main line, the integration of excellent related parts suppliers to the industry, to provide the whole hydraulic system cost-effective solution for the user, and strive to become the leading brand of system optimization is the key component of the boiler. They use 3D software modeling, the application of advanced manufacturing technology, the copper valve with CNC blanks, of engineering plastics with 3D printing, making model for visual verification, greatly shorten the sample time, maximize the design to minimize the risk, ensure the success rate of a mold. In the three pass structure, an integral three pass structure is used to replace the original split seal structure. Greatly increase the sealing performance of the system. Under the condition of constant function, innovative structure and material, using new engineering plastic material, reduce cost. New products through various functions in the laboratory testing, to the actual conditions of the ring die measured in various harsh     
  environments such as area, in Xinjiang, Russia and other areas of poor water quality environment and track delivery, so that consumers buy the rest assured, comfortable using. In 2016, the new product plastic valve sales exceeded 10000 sets, was applied in Guangdong, Vanward, new electrical Limited by Share Ltd, Shandong love more thermal energy Co., Ltd. and other well-known companies in the wall hanging furnace.
  At present, the company's board integrated water module has accounted for the first share of the domestic market. To establish a good relationship of cooperation with BOSCH, Ferroli, forest, Sakura, energy and other foreign brands and Vanward, Deason, Macro, Shuangling, smales and a large number of domestic and international first-class enterprise bigualu.