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    Household air conditioner electric expansion valve mainly used for the converter air conditioning system can regulate the refrigerant flow automatically, as a result, the air conditioning system will keep working with the best capacity and realize the purpose of quick cooling/accurate temperature controlling?power saving. The electric expansion valve can also be used for the other controlling. It has the functions of automatic controlling of the refrigerant flow under the cooling and heating condition.
Models and specifications
Air flow NL/min {0.1mPa}: 310P:17.5   480P:above 25
Flow feature:A
Air flow NL/min {0.1mPa}: 310P:25 480P:above 35
Flow feature:B
Air flow NL/min {0.1mPa}: 310P:45
480P:above 60
Flow feature:A
Main technical target

Operation condition
Ambient temperature:-30~+60°
Flow temperature:-30~+90°
Ambient humidity:below 95% RH
Suitable refrigerant:R22 / R134a / R404a / R407c
Power:DC12V±10%,rectangle wave
Operation mode:4 phase permanent magnetism, monopolar actuation
Excitation mode:1-2 phase excitation, monopolar actuation
Excitation speed:30~90PPS
Flow direction:forward or backward
Installation direction: coil upward, front / back / left / right ±90°
Main technical parameters
Max. operation pressure differential: 2.26Mpa
Pressure differential to open valve in netggative direction: 1.47Mpa
Pulses to open valve in negative direction: 20±10
Full-open pulse: 500
Refer to product specification table for
flow curve characteristics and data, tolerance±20%
Leakage: above 600ml/min
Insulation resistance: above 100ohm
Electrical strength: No breakdown and flashover when tested by
AC600V for 1s or AC500V for1min
Temperature rising of coil: above 60K
Noise: below 60dB(A)
Life: 100,000 cycles

Flow feature
  A B
Flow curve Linear Inflection
Valve full close Yes Yes

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