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Auto air-condition compressor
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  Fixed displacement double-head slant type compressors of CH1* series
Model CH1*13 CH1*15 CH1*7
Displacement(Cm3/r) 130 148 168
Max.Downshift Speed(r/min) 7000
Max.Continuous Speed(r/min) 6000
Refrigerant R134a
Lubrication oil 100PG
Installation Dimension 73.3(A)*104(B) 83.3(A)*
104(B)*41(C )
Installation Type
Outlet Mode of D & S Thread Mode / Upper Outlet Clamp Plate Mode /
Back Outlet Clamp Plate Mode
WeightRated Voltage 4.5 4.7 4.9
Breakaway Torque(At the beginning) 198 206 209
Rated Voltage(V)   DC12 DC24
Min.Response Voltage(V)   10.5         21
Breakaway Torque
(At the beginning)(N.m)
Power Consumption (W)   ‹38
Pulley trough Single A / B / C    Dual A / B / AO   4PK / 5PK / 6PK / 7PK
Pulley Specification (mm)
Connection Card  Fitted according to the requirements of users
Weight   2.0~2.6

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