Chunhui attatching great importance to the investment on the technology developing equipment, now has chemical composition analyzing room, physical testing room for mechanical performance,air conditioning products performance testing bend,testing center for gauge products,testing center for automatic controlling valve comprehensive performance,volumetric measuring gauge and the necessary soft……the special technology developing equipments provide basic guarantee for technical researching and developing.
Advanced manufacturing equipment is the guarantee of the quality, Chunhui group has international most advanced automatic machining center, and many modernized special-purpose equipments which will decrease the effect from persons to the product quality, increase product one-time-pass rate, and ensure to contribute to the customers,society with quality products.
During product manufacturing, Chunhui group performs technical process, enforce technical discipline, as well as carry out 5SF managing method to execute field management. The manufacturing shows scale,intensifying,specialization which will guarantee first-class quality and efficiency.
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