The capability of product researching and developing is one of the key competitive capabilities of the enterprise. Through technology innovation work, Chunhui group has many now products have filled in the national gaps, and the technical performance is in the national advanced level. So far, the projects, such as the compressor for auto air conditioner,gas pressure regulation device,thermal expansion valve for auto air conditioner, have carried out middle-trial-production and industrial project and the desired target is reached. During the constant researching on now technology,new product developing,new equipment utilization, Chunhui has naturally completed the charge from future industry to growing industry, and growing industry to core industry.
Meanwhile ,through the cooperation of industry,university,research institute, Chunhui group has got a good result on internationalization innovating,propelling the technology developing of city and area. In 2000, Chunhui group cooperated with Ha’erbin industrial university to carry out National high-tech industrialized demonstration project——annual producing 5000tons of special ceramic compound material. The project was accepted and put into production in Oct’2003, and the sales amount of that year is 30million. The special ceramic compound material can solve all the problems the new metallic material or non-metallic material can solve, some experts think that the scale production of the special ceramic compound material will bring about an advance in the whole industry in 2000 years.
Talents who is the main force of propelling the technology developing play a decisive part in the developing of productive forces. As for the talents management, Chunhui group does a good job or introducing, using and training of technical talents by setting up the introducing,utilization and encouraging system of technology innovation talents. Now, the technical center has high-class professional talents in the areas of air conditioning, flow machining,electricity,material,gauge,heat treatment. And, there are professional staffs having allowance of high-class intellectual of the state council in the technical committee and expert committee of the company, who are enjoying much high reputation in their specialized area. The knowledge renewal and continual education for the existing talents play or important role on company developing and talents introducing, the staffs are re-educated by the way of entrusting training,sort-term training,project cooperation,position training, which have got a good result, improved the actual working capability of the technical staffs, trained talents urgently needed by the company, especially the comprehensive talents who know technology and management, and layed a foundation for the continuous developing of the company.


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