Chunhui company culture is key motive force of the development of Chunhui group. It is the valuable spiritual wealth of Chunhui people which has beer got after over 30 pears’ continuous groping and repeated practice in the operation. It is our responsibility to carry forward it and optimize the quintessence of it, absorb and develop the more advanced principles to make innovations.
Now, it is the time of executing the big plan, development of Chunhui group, emphasizing the construction of Chunhui culture will help us get a clear understanding of the target, seize the direction. We should repeatedly emphasize the operation principle of “ Not seek the most, but seek the best ”, and deeper the guiding effect of it in the company business operation; We should further permeate the culture principle of “ Base on diligence, be honest to people ”, and set up a united,pragmatic,high-efficient,honest and clean group; We should firmly establish the company spirit of “ Think, should be with soaring aspirations; do, should be in a down-to earth manner ” to provide a strong impetus to the big development of the company.
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