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Shangyu Chunhui Chongqing Hotel
  Shangyu Chunhui Jinke Grand Hotel under Chunhui Group is a comprehensive tourist hotel with business, travel and recreation, designed and built according to the standard of "Boutique Four-Star Hotel" It is located at the CBD of north city, with a building area of 20,000 square meters or so, a main building of 72 meters high and 18 floors, and a total investment of CNY200 million.


Dongshan Lake Scenic Area

  Dongshan Lake is a comprehensive scenic spot with sightseeing, recreation, sports, outward activity, conference, training, catering and accommodation. It has the profound historical and cultural deposits and located in Shangpu Town of Shangyu District. It is the place where Xie An (the famous prime minister in East jin Dynasty) made a comeback, and also the place where Guoqing Temple is located which is the origin of Shangyu’s Buddhism culture.