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  Zhejiang Chunhui Intelligent Control Co., Ltd. is a national mainly supported high and new technology enterprise specializing in precision electromechanical R&D and manufacturing. It has formed the industrial development pattern mainly basing on oil and natural gas control, cooling and heating control as well as precision machinery. The development is technology-based and market-oriented and the products reach the international standards and passed CCEE, UL, CE, 3C, TUV certification.  
  Zhejiang Chunhul Instrument Co., Ltd. is an appointed manufacturing enterprise with shareholding system by Ministry of Aerospace Industry, taking the following as its main business:
  producing sheathed thermocouple, thermal resistance materials, sheathed electric heating materials, and related components and parts, and the following as its subsidiary business:
  producing the related supporting instruments and meters. Besides production, it also has scientific research and pilot scale test.

  As a key supplier for aeronautic supplies and researcher and manufacturer of key aeronautic components, it is a national main supported high and new technology enterprise with 31 national patents and 4 provincial and municipal scientific and researching achievement awards. The company has an annual production capacity of millions of meters of sheathed materials and millions of various types of temperature probes and micro-sheathed electric heating components, providing customers with technical supports and tailor-made service. The company actively explores the road of capital management and will be listed on the new OTC market in 2017.

  Kawasaki Chunhui Precision Machinery (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as KCPM) is a joint venture invested and founded by Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as KHI) and Zhejiang Chunhui Group Co., Ltd., specializing in the production and operation of hydraulic components for engineering machinery. The company is committed to the localization of key components of engineering machinery. The main products of KCPM are high-pressure piston pumps (K3V112 series, K5V140 series and K7V63 series) used in engineering machinery. These products have high performance and high reliability, and are widely used in excavators and other fields.
  By introducing KHl's production management mode, technology and production testing methods and carrying out the product performance assessment and evaluation in accordance with KHl's quality requirements, KCPM ensures that the quality of manufactured products reaches an equal level to those of KHI. As KHI’s first joint venture with same industry in China, KCPM plays an important role in promoting sustained development of China’s engineering machinery industry.