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  Zhejiang Chunhui Group Co. Ltd. is a group registered In the provincial-level authority of Zhejiang. a national Large-scale enterprise, a national high-and-new technology enterprise, a large tax-payer in Zhejiang province and a large enterprise(group) with largest influence in Shangyu district .The trade mark.,"Chunhui", was appraised as "the trade mark well known in China ","the trade mark well known in Zhejiang province","the time-honored brand in Shaoxing city".
  Since its establishment in 1966,Zhejiang Chunhui Group has gradually formed a development pattern of "one body (industrial economy) and two wings (real estate and financial investment)"after its 50 years’ hard efforts, Including 9 manufacturing enterprises. 3 real estate enterprises, 1 hotel, 1 recreation and touring enterprise, 1 financial Investment enterprise, and the production bases in Shanghai, Hebei Province, Jiangsu Province and Jiangxi Province and etc,. It also holds shares In some banks, securities traders and small loan companies. It possesses the total assets of CNY3 billion and more than 2,200 staff members including 386 persons with doctor’s degree, masters degree, college degree,technical secondary school degree, high-class post title or medium-class post title. Its production and management scale has reached the annual sales of CNY2.8 billion and the profit and tax of CNY400 million and 3 enterprises positively marching forward to capital market.
  The main products manufactured by this Group are the compressors for automobile air conditions, the transmitting and distributing devices of natural gas, the sheathed thermocouple, the high-pressure oil pumps for excavators, the parts for valve mechanism of automobile engines, the new materials, the new energy, most of whom are produced by automatic-control production lines with the key equipment imported from America. Germany, Japan, Holland and Taiwan. Also the Group has established cooperative relationship with many world-famous enterprises such as Honeywell. Kawasaki, Panasonic, LG and Emerson, Chunhui's leading products such as four-way valve has been in top 3 of this industry of China. In recent years, more than 20 national-class high and new technical projects undertaken by Chunhui Group have been successful, and more than 300 technical achievements achieved intellectual property. The Group’s quality guarantee system for its leading products passed ISO9000 certification, ISO14000 certification, ISO/TS 16949 certification, CE certification and UL certification. The Group established a provincial-level technical center. The Group's following products are national-class new products: four-way solenoid directional valve,double-flow solenoid valve, new-type 135 camshaft and compressor for automobile air conditon, which are with many national patents. The Group's hardenable chilled cast iron camshaft won the Invention and lnnovation Technology Star Prize awarded by the United Nations; and the ultra-low temperature sheathed thermocouple material researched and produced by itself is applied to this country’s Shenzhou series of manned spacecrafts,which means the Group has stepped on the way of "the integration of the military and the civilian".